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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


No not the fish.  Another way to say crap.  I did get the van back yesterday morning only to find out yesterday afternoon, thanks to a neighbor, that one of my headlights is out.  Soooo, first thing tomorrow morning I'll be back at the dealer's to have them replace it.  In the meanwhile I'll try not to have to drive in the dark.  Guess I really can't complain.  The van has 190,000 miles on it so having anything last this long is a bonus.
Not sure what's on the agenda today.  May be going to look at some merchandise for daughter to make clothing from and sell and am definitely going to Jo-Ann's.  I need some stuff so I can get more towels embroidered for the wine festival.
While I don't expect to hear anything back, I wrote to both Exxon and Shell to inquire why on earth they put ethanol in their fuel.  Most people I know that have any kind of yard equipment are having to take their equipment to get it repaired constantly because of all the carp the ethanol creates in the engines.  Not only that but it certainly doesn't help mileage.  I don't get the mileage I used to and, no, it isn't because my van is getting on in years.  My van is in great shape mechanically.  I take it to get it serviced on schedule.
Looks like it might rain today....hope so.  Y'all have a wondermous day and remember....life is a four-letter word.

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