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Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Friday

It's Friday.  For most folks it means the last day of work before getting a couple of days off.  It really doesn't mean anything to me since I don't have a regular job (I'm retired, thank you).  I volunteer at the gallery at least 4 days a week, Saturday being one of those days.  I am beginning to think that 4 days is quite enough.
Need to get going a little early this morning.  Have to go to the pharmacy and pick up a 'script.  Since it has to be refrigerated I'll need to stop at home before going on to the gallery.
Going to get another phone this afternoon.  The one I just bought doesn't work properly.  Apparently it's a software problem that can't be fixed.  I'm thinking of upgrading.....maybe.  I mean, a phone is a phone is a phone, right?  Unless, of course, you can access the internet, send emails, play games, play music, etc.......oh, and make phone calls when you aren't doing all that other stuff.
So...y'all have a magic day and know this.....if you met my family you'd understand.

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