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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family was here yesterday so I didn't get on the 'puter.  Unfortunately it was wayyyyy to hot to do anything outside.  I watered the garden in early morning and still was wet with sweat when I came into the house.  'Course I'd gone down to the pond to clear the pipe, too.  I swear there are animals piling junk on top of the cage around the pipe.  There was mud and sticks all around and on top of it blocking the water.  It may be, too, that the carp are doing their job as there were a lot of water lily tops and stems mixed in with the mud.
Unfortunately family seemed to have colds...except for grandson.  LOL I'm gonna have to get a new supply of tissues.  Hopefully they'll get over it soon, 'specially the little one.  She really did have a snotty nose. 
Gonna get a move on as I'm going to the gallery today.  It was nice to have some time off.  Y'all have a gracious day and remember....there is always something to be thankful for.

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