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Monday, August 1, 2011

I just entered my first contest here in the blue nowhere.  SciFichick has one going on until the 18th of this month and you can enter at http://baconandeggs-scifichick.blogspot.com .  She has some awesome prizes.
Actually got some things done yesterday.  Did some cleaning downstairs, two loads of laundry, two towels embroidered, grocery shopping done.  Played two games of tennis and bowling on the Wii as well as one session of training.  My Wii age is 29!  How 'bout that?!  'Course that could change any day.  I have found that I bowl better with my left hand than my right.  Tennis could be either.  I lost one game and won the second.  With the training session you go through bowling, tennis and baseball.  I sucked at hitting the ball.  Will need to practice more.  By golly these games get you moving, though.
Saw a doe and two fawns yesterday morning.  The fawns were gamboling about having a great time while mom watched.
Lots to do today.  WW meeting at noon.  Wonder if I've lost a pound or two.  Would be great incentive if I have.
Y'all have a lovely day even if it is Monday and remember:  A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both....D.D. Eisenhower

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HermitJim said...

Any exercise that is fun makes it so much easier to stay with!

Good luck on the weight loss thing!