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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Did I tell you I have a new phone?  It's going to take me weeks to figure it out.  It's one of those newfangled ones...a Blackberry.  It's kinda cool even if it is somewhat complicated. 
When I picked up my new phone I ran into a problem with my van.  Just didn't have any get up and go.  Sounded like it wasn't firing on all cylinders.  I made it to the dealership.  The distributor rotor was shot but that wasn't the main problem.  It involves an injector and they are expensive.  Seems one of them didn't want to inject anymore.  I blame it on the ethanol that's being put in gasoline.  It does not, as touted, increase gas mileage or efficiency.  Instead it gunks things up and at  $400+ for an injector I wish they'd quit putting it in the gas.  More than one person has complained about ethanol to me.  Especially those who use landscaping equipment.  I'd go on about it more but it wouldn't do any good.  Maybe if we all wrote letters to the oil companies?  the government?  Nah, they won't listen.  I'm going to check into a product that supposedly keeps the stuff from gunking up engine parts.
I have time on my side today so I'm off to get some things accomplished, including learning more about my phone.  Did I tell you that I can even hook it up to my computer?  What will they think of next.
Y'all have a peaceful kinda day and remember.....it's never right to do wrong.


HermitJim said...

Hope you get the van fixed and get acquainted with your new phone!

Hard to keep up with all the new stuff that comes out daily!

You have a great day!

Momlady said...

You have a great one, too. Found something that should help with counteracting the ethanol.