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Monday, March 8, 2010

'cuz I'm stubborn

Why do I insist on picking up things I shouldn't? 'Cuz I'm stubborn, I guess. I just had to put out the rest of the cracked corn for the deer and wild turkeys. The bag looked only half full, but I do believe there was more. At any rate, I lifted the thing and took it out and scattered the corn around. Didn't realize I shouldn't have done that until yesterday afternoon. Yup...muscle spasm. Can you say ow? So here I sit in my chair with the massage feature hoping to untighten the muscle before I take a nice hot shower. I'd take a nice soak in the tub but am afraid I wouldn't be able to get out.
I did manage to get bird feeders filled. I'm holding off on the finch food since they aren't around yet. Wrens, junkos, jays and cardinals abound. Saw robins yesterday. Someone told me that when you see a bunch of robins it means bad weather. I wonder.
Will be taking landscape timbers down to K's this afternoon so they can frame the veggie garden. No, I'm not loading them into my truck. Some kind young man at Lowe's will do that for me. Speaking of veggies, when we were at the hardware store the other day I decided to buy some herb seeds for my garden space since deer don't like them. I've started them in peat pots out on the enclosed porch along with some hot peppers. The peppers aren't for me since I don't do really spicy hot food. But I sure can pass them on to those who do like such.
Y'all have a spiced up day.....

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