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Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Friday

It's Friday and the sun is shining. Supposed to go up to 70 today. Somehow I'm gettin' something done out in the yard, even if it's wrong. Pulling weeds is always a good workout. I won't plant anything yet. It's too early and we could always get another frost. I'd hate to lose my seedlings, even though I started them too early and now have to plant them in larger pots so they will have room for their roots to expand and maybe live long enough for me to plant them outside when the weather is stable enough to do so. I think I have enough sunflowers started to start a bird food company. I don't want to lose those...it's too much fun watching the birds cling to the flowers to get the seeds. I'll refill the squirrel feeder in hopes it will keep them away from the bird feeders. The bb gun is close to the door, just in case they don't behave.
Time for another cuppa then off to get something done.


HermitJim said...

Just don't get too carried away outside...or you may have to be carried inside, ya know?

Of course, you could always get some body to give you a good massage this evening...!

Enjoy the sun!

Momlady said...

Massage? I wish.