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Monday, March 15, 2010

A day away

Except for going through pictures with daughter and learning how to insert a picture in the blog, yesterday was a day without the computer. I think I could live without it. Come to think of it I DID live without it until my last two years of college and those were the days of "do not fold, bend or staple" the punch card. We've come a long way since then and pretty soon we won't be able to do anything without them. I hope that day doesn't come in my lifetime. Plus, I always ask, "What happens if ALL the computers go down?" I think we've come to depend on them too much. Yes, I love the fact that I can communicate instantly with people who live far away. And it's nice to find others that you haven't seen in decades. I still don't want to depend on it. I know there are people who don't own a computer and won't. I lived without one on a trip and will when I take another trip. Although I do get on in the morning, that's about the only time of day I do. Too many other things to get accomplished.
Speaking of which, I need to get some things done today now that the sun is out.

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