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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nothin' special

One of my blogger friends wrote about some of the differences between the North and the South. Although I was born and lived in the North for the first 12 years of my life, then again later, I have as much, if not more, South in my blood. When I moved here I did so to start my life over in a way. I saw this area at its best....in the Spring with dogwoods and azaleas all a'bloom. We still get 4 seasons (mostly) and the winters aren't as long as those up North (ususally). My kids hated it when they moved here way back when but I think they've adjusted. I know my daughter still yearns for snow and cold. If she wants to move back North well...., I'm staying here.
Our form of government in this county is a panel of 5 commissioners. I sometimes go to the meetings mostly for the entertainment value than anything else. Once in a while there will be something interesting on the agenda. Part of the agenda is where the public can sign up to speak. This is often the most entertaining. What gets my knickers in a knot, though, are those people who have moved here from up North or Florida (same thing) who try to tell us how we should do things. My philosophy is: "If you don't like the way we do things, go back to where you came from."
Elder Floridians who move here don't know how to drive up a hill, 'specially on a gravel road, of which we have plenty. The road in our community is gravel and there are potholes to prove what I say. They don't seem to understand that you don't have to gun it halfway up thus spinning your wheels and digging a hole. And heaven help us if there is any snow. If we get snow and I'm out on the road behind one of these people I'm constantly praying and saying "Don't brake!" whenever I see those lights come on.
I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "Well, up in Michigan we (insert whatever their way of doing things here)..." Frankly I don't care how it's done in Michigan or Wisconsin or wherever. No, we are not totally equipped to clear roads like you 'cuz we don't get as much snow. If we get the occasional ice storm we deal with it as best we can. I will say that our roads are ever in so much better shape than theirs. I always know when I'm back in good ol' Georgia when I feel those smooth roads beneath my wheels.
Probably the most important reason I love living here is the people. When I first thought of moving to where I am now I'd drive up to check up on things while the house was being built and found it amazing how many times I received a friendly wave from other drivers. When I first moved up here from outside Atlanta I found a bag of fresh picked okra at my back door...a gift from my neighbors. I really appreciated the gesture even though I didn't eat okra at the time. (I've since been introduced for good fried okra.) Stewed okra? No way. Fried? Yum. Yes, the people make all the difference in the world. The South has Hospitality with a capital H. And I know that if ever I am in need my neighbors will be there for me. And my friends.
It's raining and there are some things I can do inside. Must go so.....y'all have a purty day.


HermitJim said...

Well, we are all glad that you did move here! (well, not here...but in the south anyway)

I have to admit that , for the most part, folks in the South are pretty hospitable! Probably that way up North too, but I haven't been there enough to tell.

Hey, you have a glorious day, my Georgia Peach!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

Texas had fairly good roads as well, and always a friendly wave to passers-by in the outskirts. Mayhap another reason I don't feel at all displaced...
And,too, having a lot of racers/track folk abouts can't hurt for nice roads!

Momlady said...

Mr. Hermit, sir....some folks up North are hospitable but for the most part, no. Can't say exactly which state is the worst. I've been through them all. I will say that you couldn't pay me enough to live in New York city. Most of the people there look like they suck lemons. And I'm glad I move here, too.

Cynus....I don't know if racers/track folk have much to do about keeping the roads in good shape. It certainly doesn't hurt. And I've always thought of Texans as friendly folk.