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Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's gallery day. Time to spend making something to sell and socialize and gossip with friends. Tonight is knit night. Another group of women getting together to share news (gossip) and ideas.
The sun shines even though it is in the 20's at the moment. I hear birds singing. A good sign I believe. Mayhap Spring is around the corner? Must get bluebird house that a friend gave me for Christmas put up outside. Waiting to see if bluebirds come back to the birdhouse on the porch. It wasn't put there for them, they just decided to use it. Have never seen babies come out of it but I'm not always around to watch. I think I'll put this new one where I can observe it from the porch. I do like watching bird antics.
Y'all have a sunshine kind of day.

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