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Saturday, March 20, 2010


I have gremlins in my computer. Especially when I'm here. I try to put comments at the blogs I follow and it tells me it can't display the page. When I try to go back to the blog I get the same message. Sooooo, I restart the computer and THEN I can leave messages, etc. Jeesh. I swear there are times I'd like to pick this thing up and throw it out the door.
It's a beautiful day and supposed to get fairly warm. My poor van needs a bath so I think I'll give it one once it gets a bit warmer today. Winter crud begone!
Since daughter and J are going to a hockey game tonight I'll be with the Evil Genius. Don't know if I'll spend the night there. Guess it depends on how late the game goes.
Hey, it's Spring! Yay! Now if it would just stay sunny and warm.........

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